10T/D-50T/D PP Fiber One-Step Production Line

Specifications of Virgin Polypropylene Staple Fiber 

Deniers: 1.5D to 70 D
Cut length: 25,32,51,64,76,102 and 124 mm (as per customer requirement)
Tensile strength: >3.5gm/Denier
Elongation: >70%
Crimps: 3 to 5 per cm
Shades: All shades available


Spinning Yarns, Filter Fabrics, GeoTextile, Auto-mobiles floor carpet, thermal bonded fabrics, insulations, carpet, and non-woven carpet, building construction, RCC

In spinning line, PET bottle flakes are heated and dried, then melted and spun into tows.

In finishing Line, Further processing the fibers, increasing elasticity ,increasing the strength of the fiber, spraying silicone oil, etc.

Drying Equipment → Hopper → Screw Extruder →Filter →Metering Pump Device→
Spin Beam, Spin pack→ Quenching Unit→ Oiling Winder →1st Drafter →Draw Bath
2nd Drafter →Steam Heated Box→3rd Drafter (Optional) →Stacker →Steam Preheating Box→
Crimper →Belt Conveyor →Relaxing Oven →Tension Device →Cutter →Fiber Conveyor →Baler