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Many of our customers want to know the feasibility of the polyester production line plan, so our senior Indian account manager has compiled this form, which is a reference to the 2018 Indian market and hopes to help our customers.

Cost CalculationProcess 1Costs
PSF Plant – GangyingUSD/ton fiber
1Capacity 40  t/d55ton / day Melt18,150tons / year        6.47
1.1On stream melt330day / year20 years
2Project Machine Cost   2,350,000USD
3Capital cost Resin11.6%20.49
3.2Interest acc7.5%p. a.8.78
4Fixed operating cost8.7%15.38
4.1Direct labour cost72employees10USD/a average/person/day13.09
4.1.1PSF Plant Operation60employeesinclude day and night   shift
4.1.2PSF Plant Maintenance2employees
4.1.3Raw materials Handling1employees
4.1.4Bagging & Storage1employees
4.1.5Management Overhead2employees
4.1.7Admin & Security4employeesfinancial,purchaser,marketing
4.2Marketing + admin. labour cost15%1.96
4.3Repairs and maintanance Materials2.0%0.26
5Raw materials & Chemicalsyield23.0%40.55
5.1.1PET Flakes1050kg/t30USD/t30.00
5.1.2Spin Finish Chemical3.5kg/t3,000USD/t10.50
5.1.3Masterbatch TiO23.0kg/t, 48% (5.1.1)10USD/t0.03
5.1.4Optical Brightner0.3kg/t,12%50USD/t0.015
5.2.3Duties & Taxes (Chemical)0%(5.2.1)USD/t0.00
5.2.4domestic transport (Chemicals)kmUSD/km0.00
6Energy Plant51.9%91.64
6.1Electric energy main plant320kWh/t0.12USD/kWh38.40
6.2Electric energy utilities (see 8.)80kWh/t0.12USD/kWh9.60
6.3Heating Energy [GJ/t] for Oil/Gas  Boiler0.54GJ/tUSD/Kwh
6.4Heating Gas Energy for steam   Generator150.00m3/ton0.291USD/kWh43.64
7.1Cooling Water Circulation1.00m3/t0.74USD/m30.74
7.1Chilled Water Circulation1.00m3/t0.74USD/m30.74
7.3Fresh Water1.00m3/t0.62USD/m30.62
7.6Compressed Air0.50Nm3/t0.02USD/Nm30.01
7.7Instrument AirNm3/t0.03USD/Nm30.00
7.8Demin. Watert/t1.54USD/t0.000
7.9Waste Waterm³/t0.31USD/m³0.00
10Resin Total production cost (3…7)96.3%176.6
10.1Conversion costs (3, 4, 6, 7)$/USD77.0%136.1
10.2Raw material cost (5)23.0%40.5