10T/D-80T/D Acrylic Fiber Production line

Specifications of Acrylic Fiber

Denier Size: 1.4Den, 1.5Den, 5Den, 8Den, 10Den
Cut length: 38mm, 127mm, 140mm (As per customer requirement)
Feel: Light, half light, no light


1. The performance of acrylic fabric is very similar to wool, but the elasticity is much better than that of wool. In the case of elongation of 20%, the rebound rate can be maintained at about 65%.
2: Acrylic fabric is better than wool in warmth. Acrylic fiber is fluffy and curly in shape, and feels very soft to the touch. Therefore, the warmth is much better than wool fabric. At one time, there was “synthetic wool”.
3: The strength of the acrylic fabric is higher than that of the wool. At present, the strength of the acrylic fiber is about 22.1 to 48.5 cN/dtex, and the wool is about 1 to 2.5 times lower than the acrylic fabric.
4: Acrylic fiber is very resistant to sunlight, that is, it has excellent light fastness. If you put acrylic fiber in the sun, there will be no problem at all. Some experiments show that the material made of acrylic fabric is placed. In the sun for a year, its intensity has only dropped by less than 20%, showing how practical it is.
5: The products made of acrylic fabric are generally not afraid of acid attack, and the performance of acid resistance, oxidant resistance and general organic solvent is very good.

Production Brief Process:

Spinning Unit →Cool Drafting Unit →Washing Unit →Hot Drafting unit→Relaxation Unit→Setting unit(Batch or Continuous setting unit)→Secondary Setting Unit→Re-Drafting Unit→Cutting Unit
→Baler Unit